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Manufacturing of a K Band Crygenically Cooled Low Noise Amplifier for the Video, Telemetry, and Communications Industry

Manufacturing of a K Band Crygenically Cooled Low Noise Amplifier
Manufacturing of a K Band Crygenically Cooled Low Noise Amplifier

Satellink has the deep, multi-disciplined engineering knowledge required to manufacture amplifiers that can be cycled down to cryogenic temperatures without causing any mechanical or electrical degradation. We manufactured this cryogenically cooled K band amplifier to provide a very low noise solution for the video, telemetry, and communications industry.

Designed for 24-hr operation, this device features a 19" rack-mount configuration with built in test wavelength switch monitors, front panel controls, digital status indicators, and LED alarm. Along with an air-cooled compressor, it offers WR51 RF input and 3.5 mm SMA RF output connectors. Operating in the 17.7 to 21.30 GHz frequency range, it features ultra-low noise temperature of 55K maximum @ +23°C.

We engineered and built this complex component from start to finish over a 6 month time period. Its robust feature set and ultra‐low noise operation were critical for maintaining reliable communication links. Additional details about this project can be found in the table below, and if you have a similar project and would like to discuss the details, please contact us today.

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Specifications of this K Band Cryogenically Cooled Low Noise Amplifier

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering Design
Component Sourcing
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 20.02"
Width: 9.60"
Height: 12.81"
24 Hour Operation
Built in test wavelength switch monitors
Front panel controls
LED Alarm
Status indications digital
Electrical Specifications
Frequency: 17.7 to 21.30 GHz
Bandwidth: 3.6 GHz minimum
RF Gain: 35 dB minimum
Gain Ripple: 1.0 dB peak to peak
Noise Temperature: 55K maximum @ +23°C
Gain Compression: less than 0.5 dB at -50 dBm
Gain Stability: ± 0.5 db.24 hour
VSWR: 1.4:1 max/1.5.1 max
Power Supply: 120 VAC +10%, 48-62 Hz
Mechanical Specifications
Compressor: Air Cooled
Control/Monitor Panel: 19 in. Rack Mount
RF Input: WR51
RF Output: 3.5 mm (SMA)
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature Range: 20°C to 40°C
In process testing/inspection performed
Functionality Tests, Visual Inspections
Industry for Use
Video, Telemetry, and Communications
Delivery/Turnaround Time
180 Calendar Days
Delivery Location
FOB Factory
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
K Band Cryogenically Cooled Low Noise Amplifier