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Manufacturing of a Low Noise Amplifier Controller for a Satellite Ground Terminal

Manufacturing of a Low Noise Amplifier Controller
Manufacturing of a Low Noise Amplifier Controller

From engineering design to component sourcing and assembly, Satellink is an industry leading provider of custom controllers used in antenna systems for high performance satellite communication applications. We built the low noise amplifier controller shown here for use in a ground terminal application.

Housed in an aluminum enclosure with dimensions of 19" in length and 1.72" in width, this antenna controller is capable of continuous status monitoring. Built to operate reliably -30°C to 55°C temperatures in altitudes up to 13,500’, it was designed for automatic transfer for unattended operation, and offers remote control on power up for power failure recovery.

Engineered and constructed in our Texas facility, this component was subject to stringent quality assurance protocols for testing and verification of its operational and mechanical parameters.

To learn more about this project, additional information can be found in the table below, or you may contact us to discuss how our engineering and manufacturing capabilities can enhance your next project.

Specifications of this Low Noise Amplifier Controller

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering Design
Component Sourcing
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 19.00"
Width: 1.72"
Long Life LED status indicators
Power supply: 110 to 230 VAC
Automatic transfer switch mode for unattended operation
Remote control on power up for power failure recovery
Continuous status monitoring
Aluminum enclosure with black panel and white markings
Chassis slides
Weight: 30 lbs. max
Operating Temp: -30°C to 55°C
Operating Altitude: 13,500’
Operating Humidity: up to 90%
In process testing/inspection performed
Functionality Tests, Dimensional & Visual Inspections
Industry for Use
Antenna Systems Manufacturers
Delivery/Turnaround Time
145 Calendar Days
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Low Noise Amplifier Controller